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Kansas Senate votes to allow self-service beer taps

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — Kansans are closer to being allowed to be their own bartenders after the state Senate passed a bill that would legalize self-service beer taps for bars and clubs. The...


More than 5,000 civilians leave Eastern Ghouta as militants begin withdrawal

Over 5,000 civilians have left Eastern Ghouta through humanitarian corridors on Thursday, Russia’s Defense Ministry said. The militants also reportedly began withdrawing from the area, as...


US watchdog: Scam scammers scamming scammed in scam scam

It's like sleazebag Inception America's trade regulator the FTC has issued a warning over reports of a new data-harvesting operation that is targeting the victims of a previous scam.…


Sea of Thieves to Start Charging Players for Dying

With all of the issues that Sea of Thieves is going through at the moment, Rare decides to eventually add Death Costs, and players do not seem too happy with this.